2008 Hummer H3 Review and Test Drive by Bill – Auto Europa Naples

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Offered for sale is this very clean and attractive example of the H3 from Hummer, a 2008 model in gray over black, with low miles for the age, and in excellent cosmetic and mechanical health. Amenities include power windows, power locks with remotes, power sunroof, AM/FM/CD/Sat, Power Driver Seat, Fold Down Rear Seating, Tow Package, and more.  Power comes from a 3.7 liter inline 5, coupled to a bulletproof 4-speed automatic with Hummer’s advanced AWD system. This is a clean and desirable truck at a great price.  Please phone us at (239) 649-7300 for sales information.


Goodoldm says:

Best four wheeler I ever had. I love it. But for off-roading the rear license plate gets crunched up. My 2008 Hummer's issue is: Idiot light: AC/ OFF with a dead temperature gauge. Happens intermittently and then it's ok again ?
Thanks for sharing.

Blc ME says:

I love hummer but I'm more into H2 because of its power and muscularity,,, H3 doesn't looks like hummer to me..

Manu-Camus says:

How can you be rich with that unfocus brain? Family money!

frank levis says:

Why no front and back cameras in hummer

Lennox says:

Only wealthy people can afford all these kind of cars and look at that house man …
Its either a super rich Florida place or a Beverly hills Los Angeles area !

I would say it is most likely Florida .

Raw and Uncensored says:

More attention is given to the birds… understandable.

Cjhlafear L says:

Bill you are hilarious. I enjoyed your video and commentary on Aerosmith. haha

carlos calderon says:

I have a 2006, bought it brand new and now have over 205k miles on it on the original engine and transmission. With diligent maintenance, its still running strong and one of the most reliable vehicles I've ever owned. I get around 16mpg around town and about 20mpg on the highway, which is not bad for a vehicle of this size and weight. I would definitely be interested if a new version were to come out with a more powerful and efficient engine and all the latest technology.

BJB says:

I had a 2006 and currently have a 2010 – in the 10+ years I have owned them I have not had to turn on the lights EVER. They are auto – turn on and off by them selves and that includes the day time running lights – sounds pretty standard today but back in 2006 that was not common. My gas mileage is 13 MPG which sucks but my commute is 154 minutes to work. So I deal with it. I have 84K miles on it and it runs and looks perfect – clean in and out. Black on Black with chrome. Wish they would bring them back – I would buy another in a heartbeat

Dani Williams says:

Bring it back more light weight, more body lines and v6 turbos 👍 oh yeah off road all terrain tires

David St says:

I want your voice man

Eric Moreno says:

Leave him alone hood!!!!

ieshia says:

Your rants are fun to listen to lol

cookietote says:

One thing for sure I love that fukkin driveway

Silvanildo Costa says:

55 61 991749974 Name sivanildo car

Mitch Grooms says:

I just know Bills LOVES this thing..LOL, wrong..

Deuces Wild says:

Love these videos

MrCarGuy20 says:

The H3 SUT Alpha was great.

william sithideth says:

I live down the street from you

777jones says:

Hell yeah 5 cylinder.

777jones says:

Secret: bill enjoys talking about the birds and it’s a thing he does, still puts down the best used car videos on YouTube, so deal with it!

DAshley Baker says:

Your audio and video is fine now….chillax dude

DAshley Baker says:

We don't care about the birds. Focus on the great vehicles you trying to show. Or find a indoor place. The birds don't bother me….you complaining does….

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