2007 Daewoo Matiz. Start Up, Engine, and In Depth Tour.

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2007 Daewoo Matiz. Start Up, Engine, and In Depth Tour.
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Nathan Brock says:

In my opinion, I wish we had these in America, but it must pass the government crash test, and needs airbags. =)

Attila Kovács says:

Its not hard to find a Matiz with airbag. The only extra that is uncommon in a Matiz is the 1.0L engine. The 1.0L engine has 63 HP, and the car only weights 800 Kg, so its quite agile with this engine (0-100 in 12s).

Stealth says:

This is what I like about MegaRetr. In one video he looks at a new Mercedes GLE 63 AMG. A few videos later he takes a look at a 10 year old Daewoo Matiz. Fun fact – So far the Matiz video has more views.

Anthony G. says:

These daewoo still in good condition

Unilock says:

Nu a hule nam anglichanam

Hamilton Dashcammer says:

The audio is all messed up 🙁

SHADOW кузнец says:

Сними Ниссан альмера классик в старом кузове

Bukkageisha says:

my dream car

K H says:

3 cyl sounds like a 6 cyl

talldude123 says:

A.K.A Chevrolet Aveo

azera55555 says:

your dad has some interesting cars…

Илья Пузанов says:

,what the fuck.)

PabloMan says:

Îmi place sa ma plimb cu matizul meu

sim61642 says:

You are taller than me , lol

Максим Морозов says:

ностальгия, первенец мой

w7class says:

You said. "There is no steering wheel column adjustment, sadly", the correct syntax is " unfortunately, there is no steering wheel column adjustment"

laumen kun says:


laumen kun says:

прикольное видео

MegaRetr says:

Hey guys what do you think about this Matiz?

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