2004 Saab 9-5 Aero Review – The Best 9-5 You Can Buy!

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Today I do a full review of our 2004 Saab 9-5 Aero! What are your thoughts on the car? Leave them down below in comments

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Joe Patroni says:


Douglas Hamilton says:

Nice video I still miss my 9-5 Aero wagon I drove 15 years ago

Stupid Comment Of The Week says:

My favourite 9-5 Aero’s are the first generation ones. Nice old skool 17” alloys, wipers on the headlamps and rear smoked indicator and reversing light clusters.

Christopher Hallinan says:

I have a 2006 95 Aero Combi, I drive it from Ireland to Italy every year and there is no better car to take a long run.

Gage Simmons says:

Didnt know you guys had a 9-5 too. I have an 01' 9-5 aero clone with a tdo4 19t and you forgot the 3.0l v6 arc 9-5 😋😋

Nathan Cox says:

Should I buy one that has 205k miles on the clock? I can get it for probably $1800. Seems like a good deal but maybe risky with that many miles.

Glenn McKee says:

Saab and Volvo to me make American looking cars but do or did a better job!

Glenn McKee says:

With a little tlc this Saab should look really well, it doesn’t look like it would take much to fix the bumper, refresh the headlights and a good top to toe detailing.

tonycornflakes says:

Bought my FIRST SAAB a month ago (a 2008 9-5 Turbo) and I LOVE IT!!! Thanks for talking about the “Sport Mode”…..I had an IDEA about what it did,but wasn’t too sure. SUBSCRIBED! 😎

18rabbit says:

'dame edna', rather than just 'dame' is what the '06 to '09's are called

hmm hmm says:

hey man ! can i have your opinion on the 2000 aero 9-5 please ? i got one gorgeous black colour body in perfect shape no rust no dent no rock chips, with the 3 spoke mags that i find very unique and the 2.3 turbo 230hp . i want your opinion on it boss, you earned a sub !

Demetrios Christakis says:

saab will take one hell of a hit…..you are 100% correct

Rodolfo Cervantes says:

In my opinion, the 9-5's starting from '06 to '09 are the best looking.

Larry pagano says:

I 100% agree on everything you say!. I'd definitely miss my 05 9-5 Aero they're wonderful daily drivers

S.T T. says:

Okay,here is the thing with the Saab. I had 2 Aeros,first was 9000 CS Aero,and the second 9-5 Aero. First thing first,linear acceleration is like no other. With the CS i been pulling on a M5 E39,and when the guy found out its a 2.3 i4 turbo engine,he almost made a flip. The seats are fantastic,and the safety is like no other..,once we drove to a winter resort with all season tires,and hit a VW Passat with a hitch at the back..,the VW went right in until the back seats,while i had small crack on the bumper and broken headlight wiper. Thats all. Believe it or not. And i barely felt the impact. Cops asked me few times if i was sure,that i hit him. Now the rest. Very,very expensive maintenance. Fuel economy..well,none existent. That thing spends fuel as if it was V12 6.0 engine. Then the cheap plastics..especially in 9-5..its GM whenever you look at. Just horrible. Then this car just doesnt like to corner,heavy front end,big overhangs,lots of understeer. And lots of power which sometimes you cant really put down,especially on rainy or icy days. All in all,good seats,good safety,powerful straight line bullet..,all the rest is crap.

Lamster66 says:

Think Sport Mode also holds it in gear to higher rev before changing!

 I've got 9-5Aero Rotors and Calipers on my 1999 9-3 Aero

Decided to do some work on that recently to tidy the old girl up.
So scored a set of 17" ronal AERO alloys to go with the Viggen style Aero bumper I fitted to the front.
I've Attacked all the rusty stone chips on the hood and finally decided to redo the crappy repair
to the rear quater that the previous owner did
It looks much better even in primer. ( Lacquers over that because
It is getting paint at the body shop next month to remove 20years of general wear and tear.
And can't leave primer unsealed as its pourous
Can't afford a full respray so it'll be hood and both rear quarters blended in.
TBH the rest of the car is pretty good so if he buffs the whole car it should look like its been resprayed anyway.
And just for fun as I got a new front grill and I was bored I stripped the chrome off the old one did a center bar delete and honey comb mesh then did a carbon fibre effect paint job on it. which actually looks pretty much like the real deal from 18in -2 feet away
I'll send you a photo when its done!

Norm T says:

I still have my 2004 9-5 Arc wagon with 190,000 miles. Just picked up a 2018 Regal TourX wagon.

Super Mario says:

And the Mitsu TD04 turbo vs the Garett.🙂

Super Mario says:

Full Synthetic from Factory, accessible fuel pump, and highest hp stock tune, and next to last year of that gen. Spot on. Brew City Boost has affordable tunes as well !

Emil Granlund says:

9-5 Hirsch 😉 I miss mine…

Hanate's Gaming Show says:

What a beauty.

toka100 says:

Hey want to review my car. I have a black 2000 9-5 Gary Fisher Edition. One of only 156 brought to the US. LOL

M .T says:

I got a 2004 95 arc and I love it.

Pierre Colombo says:

Now that you've straight piped the turbo X, it's your dad's 95's turn 😂

Magnus Pettsson says:

Must say I love this car got myself a Espresso Black Metallic (really good looking color imo) station wagon version of the 2004 and with automatic. Upgraded from a 2001 silver sedan 9-5 and bought my aero.

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