1991 Lancia Delta HF Integrale RETRO DRIVE REVIEW with Bob Boniface & Lancia Rally History

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Friend of the Show & Cadillac Design Director, Bob Boniface is back but this time, with one of his personal classic cars – a 1991 Lancia Delta HF Integrale – a car he just acquired and imported to the US under the NHTSA 25 year import rule. Bob takes over the tech review duties throughout the episode sharing the story of the winning Lanicia’s engineering, design and even how Lancia dominated Group B and World Rally Championships for years . . .

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Loukas Mexis says:

Was it the Sprint? I own the Sprint QV and its a Giugiaro design!

Shun Sato says:

Chrysler owes us a new Delta HF!!

Tim Tursonoff says:

Sure! New Lancia with a Twin Turbo Pentastar. 550bhp all day long!!

OutlawUniverse says:

thanks for making this. im pretty dead set on importing one next year. i kind of have a feeling if you dont get one soon you never will.

Pete FlintMurray says:

This may seem like an odd point to make but if you're going to keep UK plates it'd look better if you got the age appropriate letters. Pre-2001 plates had slightly larger text. They are available online as 'show plates'.

Robert Blake says:

best review ever by motoman,thanks

jcezary says:

was it … Yugo?

Yah Dudeist says:

nice video of one of the greatest cars ever made…

Tolis 1892 says:

Well my american friends,I have to state some things about Lancia.Fiat saved Lancia in the past,just after Lancia produced the Stratos.Also Lancia was in group B competition with 037 & the S4 because of Fiat.Delta HF Integrale was produced also in "Fiat" years,and now Lancia doesn't product cars anymore,because Fiat couldn't find a place for Lancia between Alfa Romeo and Fiat.Financialy things are hard in Europe and countries as Italy,Greece etc,so there is no room for Italians to produce cars like these nowadays,consider that most of the consumers are buying Vw golfs.I hope for a Lancia revival,but this is gonna be a hard thing to see in the next years.

Big Al's House says:

Looks very similar to the Dodge Omni

speedrcer1 says:

My guess for what Giugiaro design car Motoman owned was either an Eagle Premier or it's Dodge stablemate the Monaco.

Samwise Drogod says:

Im guessing Eagle Premier. A friend of mine had one and would always say "its a Giugiaro design" even though it looked really boring.

93455Driver says:

Great to see some one so enthusiastic about a car and get to own his dream car. What is the Alfa in the background?

Peter C says:

looks like you guys are silently saying lancia is coming back… i truly hope so…. allways loved italian cars… had alfa romeo 75 2.0 twinspark , alfa romeo gtv 2.0tb , lancia kappa 2.4jtd , alfa 166 2.4jtd , Fiat coupe 2.0 20v limited ….. and a buch of germans vw golf passat , swedish volvo 244, english rover 220 coupe rover 75 , bmw 320i 323 i 328i 525td 523i ….. but the cars i wanted to have back are the fiat coupe and the lancia kappa…. and for the haters, the ones that costs the much money and broke down where the germans…. mostly bmw…. sorry but true… love the show, grtz from Belgium ….

Shane D says:

Stratos or hf make those they are sick

Eddy Lopez says:

I think we need to see a race between Bob and the mad scientist Dave!

florin colesnicenco says:

the world will be a better place if the lancia integrale it will exist again

teamsleepnine says:

beautiful gtv in the garage…intergrale is better of course ;)

teamsleepnine says:

motorman own Giorgetto Giugiaro's design lotus esprit!!!

Cody Anderson says:

make Ralph save lancia!

Joyce Smith says:

I'm guessing the Motor man has a Lancia Stratos

IceDree says:

You let Bob talk smack about your Isuzu like that? 😛
That’s a one clean Delta & I'm glad Bob managed to find one in such a perfect condition !
The Spyker ownership story is a helluva a story to tell at car parties! I'm not surprised to see a car owned by their former CEO in such a condition. Their attention to details is incredible! The cars worth every penny. Speaking of Spykers, did you get to see one M? Gorgeous cars … too bad the deal with GM went sour.

Sure sure blame it on Ralph lol. But the dude sent one of his best designers to help Alfa … that should count for something, right? Right?
They need any help they can get in reinventing themselves.

As for a modern Lancia, I'm with Bob on this one! Make it a performance one & I agree regarding the Chrysler parts … but c'mon! Hemi Lancia or even better, a V10 one would be frickin epic!!!!

Did you shoot this before or after you picked Dick in something "Much Better Than a Hellcat!" ? 😉

Love the photobombing with the Alfa & the V!

Anyway, you guys sorta have a better law on classics than us with the 25 years age… if you miss the first 5 years when the car was new, you have to wait to wait 35 years!

I still have to wait 24 hours before I can import my favorite year Bangle 7 from Germany if I can't find one in pristine condition here … 🙁 Hypothetically speaking of course, the Bangle 7 plan is on hold at the moment.

As always, excellent work M!
Love the episode M!

KirilG1 says:

MotoMan, thank you for the great video! This is my favorite car of all times. I grew up in the 80's, and there was nothing that came even close to Lancia cars in a sense of sheer excitement and racing fans following.
Lancia Delta S4 and Lancia Delta HF Integrale are the finest examples of purpose-built racing cars. In my opinion Group B was the best racing event ever. All the fatalities should be blamed on the crazy grueling schedule of the events, and not on the incredible cars. If they had only realized that in time, the automotive history as we know it would have been quite different. All the innovation that would have followed, could have been a step stone for many more thrilling cars being produced.
The current Lancia line-up is crap, but I bet you, that there are still huge number of fans out there waiting and hoping for somebody to revive the brand.
I don't think an apology from Ralf V Gilles can bring back Lancia as I remember it, but it will be funny.
I hope one of these days to own Lancia Delta HF Integrale!

Nik Brudar says:

Oh god, where's the modern Delta S4 ?! That must have been such a weapon!

Calvin Chann says:

UK plates! So happy that Bob has the car he's always wanted. He looks so happy. Although I wouldn't mind one too, my first choice would be a VW Corrado VR6.

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