1988 Pontiac Bonneville SSE | Retro Review

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It was garbage when it came out. Horrible interior.

Rick James5678 says:

Slow for a performance marketed car…even for the late 80s.

Sonny Chicago 773 says:

No sunroof???

HomelandConspiracy says:

What a butt ugly car

mgee63 says:

I have been watching MotorWeek for over 30 years…still the best

Luis González says:

Sad face front facia

rick mack says:

All that plastic cladding faded sooner or later

Jeffrey Lindley says:

I bought a black Mustang GT convertible in 1988 for 18k. 225HP. 0-6 in 6.2s. This Bonneville would have been fun play with at stop lights.

Rob's Randomness says:

My aunt had an '88 LE. I always liked that body style.

Andrew G. says:

Holy buttons! Must be 100 of them inside.

Bucky Rodgerdodger says:

It is expensive but it's loaded full of goodies and a state of the art powertrain. Great value compared to it's foreign competition.

Ray Burton says:


Toussantlbisso says:

All Wheel Drive Pontiac Sedan ? I'll buy That for a Dollar ! Or two .

Jason Littlefield says:

My brother had a black one

Konrad C says:

"sports sedan" All looks

ymmij1973 says:

I always liked these.

Ty Mac says:

Slow….lol my 91 mighty Max ran 17.3 lol

SurferJoe71 says:

My parents bought a New 1989 SEEI I used to love driving that car ,had this red color too😎 That car could beat 5.0 ‘s racing them back in the day …..You don’t see many of them nowadays for sale All scrapped by now 😢

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