1969 Cadillac DeVille Coupe Convertible: Regular Car Reviews

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jason lyles says:

Look at Larry, he drives a Cadillac and one day I'm going to be right there with him.

Thiele says:

"this 69 (millisecond pause) nice, Cadillac…" LMAO. 69. Nice.

HP says:

That car is one sexy beast.

75 aces says:

I don't remember too many of these in drop tops, but there were a lot of this vintage in 4 door still rolling when I was a kid. This was when a Caddy looked like nothing else. Conspicuous consumption has never been my thing, but if you wanted opulence, this was the peak.

Randy Bock says:

This body style is perfect! Ive owned 2.

Paul Cheek says:

gas mileage isn't everything…. I am tired of little ugly plastic over-priced eco-box race cars… I want room and comfort…..

Paul Cheek says:

when GM made real Cadillacs

PussyGalore says:

Finally – you show a car that isn't a Millennium Falcon beater….but still filthy.

dbcrn859 says:

I had a '70 Coupe deVille. White leather living room on wheels. Got anywhere from 6-13 mpg, usually about 10-11. Was awesome driving that until the UPS truck rolled down the hill backwards and pushed it about 20 ft.

Gabriel Pereira Saideles says:

i just keep re watching this video over and over again because this car is simply a beauty

pkunkbwok says:

trunk capacity is properly measured in # of mobsters

Christopher McCausland says:

All you need to say is…ostrich leather..who else had ostrich leather? Rolls, Mercedes? Only in a Cadillac!

Christopher McCausland says:

Why bother with the lap belts?

tolfan says:

Positive causality made real yeah that's about right for that old Cadillac

SlitWristMisfit says:

I'm in my mid twenties but really want a classic Cadillac convertible. Is that weird?

Kizzle says:

Lol…Love the Joey Diaz comparison to this car!

BlindTom61 says:

Nice car stupid video…

voitdive says:

no such thing as a "de ville coupe convertible" – it is a de ville convertible

Name cannot be blank says:

Like for uncle Joey

Ben R says:

Winga dinga intensifies

Papa Linguine says:

About to buy one of these

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