1962 Daimler SP250 – Jay Leno's Garage

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The two-year restoration is finally complete! The SP250 Jay got from Bob Brzozowski spent 40 years in the elements and hadn’t run in 10 years… and just look at her now!
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1962 Daimler SP250 – Jay Leno’s Garage

Jay Leno’s Garage


Amélie Renoncule says:

'Mr. Policwman' killing a beer at 15:10 ?

wraitheful says:

that car is beautiful, plain and simple. then there’s the motor. fantastic!

vanilla Gorilla says:

Front of a porch rear of a Triumph.

Martin Taper says:

Small V8s sound better than big ones. Triumph Stag 3.0 sounds good too.

Martin Taper says:

A hemi? How do you know from lifting the bonnet and just looking at the assembled engine!

Bruce Martinez says:

She has such a beautiful line, she turned out to be a fantastic project, much appreciated.

America's Choice says:

I am mystified as to why Lyons didn't utilize this engine at Jaguar. Amazing little lump, sounds great.

Bob Speller says:

Hi jay, that's a great car with one of the best ever designed V8 engine, as you say. Beautiful job. I owned a v8 250 saloon with manual gearbox (wish I still had it). I've had a Triumph Stag for the last 40 years along with a Lancia 2000 HF coupe and a Fulvia 1300s. So not so bad. All the best Bob from England.

Kenneth Bowry says:

Great work stuart loved it.

Taxed Sixty% says:

It’s the catfish type face and mouth that is off-putting. Face Looks a bit like Studebaker golden hawk from the 60s. Speed makes many cars beautiful. The sound of speed that makes them wonderful. I know where one of these can be bought fo $15,000 today. Complete car,. Has the hemi, and trans but not running. Heading for the credit union.

Spokes says:

Thumbnail says "Daimer"

rodney kitchen says:

Love this! most beautiful restoration, Jay is a great guy too I was his driver when he did a stand up in London, years before he did his TV show
great guy 'love this show . Rod in London

django02 says:

A guy I knew in high school in the early 70s was into odd cars. He owned a Facel Vega, a Citroen DS21, and TWO Daimler SP250s. One of the SP250s was in great condition and the other was a parts car. In person, these cars were ugly as sin, IMO. Major catfish mouth action going on in front and just awkward everywhere else. The handling was "interesting". The back end would come around at the slightest provocation with the gas pedal. He loved that car though. Some dimwit ran a stop sign and t-boned him and broke the car in half. Very sad day.

Jeffry Blackmon says:

At first glance of the front end, it reminds me of a bumper car.

Miatacrosser says:

I remember seeing a few of these when I was a kid.

Hey Jay, I still got that mint Mk. VIII-CE. Bargain price to you

John Cooper says:

Daimler also made a "big block" 4.5 litre hemi v8 for the Majestic Major. That was a real wolf in sheep's clothing in the shorter wheelbase. A shame they were stiffled by the Jag take over.

William Fairchild says:

Us army 1968 Alaska 1964 Daimler for sale looked good $600. Not sure about getting parts if needed passed on it. Also passed on a 1960 Austin healy 3000 for $600 running on 5 cylinders. Did buy a 63 beetle for $650 was great in the snow but never forgot those 2 cars

Alan Cohn says:

I don't think that car is ugly in the least, at least without that horrid top… That thing is atrocious.. The sounds from that little V8 are sweet sweet music and all and all, it just looks like a proper British sports car… I'd LOVE to drive it, once you get the radiator cap situation sorted… LOL

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