10,000 Miles In My Lamborghini Urus! – Review

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Hey guys! Here is a review of the Lamborghini Urus, 10,000 miles have been covered in this amazing machine and i wanted to share with you how it makes me feel! Enjoy!

Shot & Edited by http://www.instagram.com/premierpictures

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Ahmad Nidal Ali says:

Coconut, bonkers hurting my head

Piet Jansen says:

Dual clutch gearbox ? NOPE ! Please do your homework this car has a torque convertor gearbox….

Martinmqrck says:

I went into this video not having seen any of your other ones, however, saw your Urus in London. As many others here in the comment section, I think a lot of time and effort has gone into this video and it definitely shows. Does it sometimes come across as a little too much and have cringe-elements, perhaps.
I think if you toned the editing down just a little and had a more natural presenting style, it would be spot on.
Overall well done and you got a like from me.

troll exemplar says:

better not criticize madam aleem or he will want to fight you…cant take criticism just like a little girl and her dolls. the urus has lots of expressive strong lines, why choose black and hide them you idiot.oh no, now the spoilt brat wants to box me

Muhammed Javed says:

Mr JWW, Lord Aleem and Lenny the Geezer would be the best top gear Trio

H Boi says:

Wtf is this vlog

Unknown Matrix says:


J Blogs says:

Bro this is super cringe! You should have collaborated with LLF.

austin longenecker says:

What is the song played at 1:50? Thanks

Dean Jay says:

Much more professional sir πŸ˜€

C-J Watson says:

Good effort putting this video together.

Fone Phreak says:

good job man. awesome review. keep up the good work

SKALE - E - TRON says:

Axel theft's Karma makes everything badass

kingrazameel says:

After this I had to watch clarksons video,just to feel better.

Rits says:

People might hate on the new video style but I like it. Keep on doing you

Gabriel Guerra Meneses says:

Nice audi q8 m8.

Imad Ghauri says:

I don’t why these people I really enjoyed the review keep it up

TradeMarc says:

Pretty good production quality amigo! Thanks for sharing πŸ€βœŒοΈπŸ€

Demon 2jz says:

Top notch content!!!!

Waj Hussain says:

@aleem Watch 2:00 what a edit πŸ‘ŠπŸΎπŸ‘ŠπŸΎπŸ‘ŠπŸΎ

model Studio says:

Stop copying rehans remove before race video you tasteless wanker

Miguel Silva says:

It’s ugly

Martin Shkreli says:

This video is TRASH!!!! Why is this clown talking like this. He is the worst actor in the world. This must be a Spoof video because I was laighing my way through the entire video.. #trash #wack #wackjuice

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