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We go for a drive in the 2019 Dodge Charger Enforcer

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This is the new Volkswagen Polo. Over the years the style and design of the VW Polo have evolved to give it a more ‘mature’ look, but are these updates only skin deep? Watch my latest in-depth review to find out!

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Shmee150 films one of the most stunning supercar lineups you will ever see:

Koenigsegg CCX
Bugatti Veyron Sang Noir
Noble M600
Gemballa McLaren Mercedes SLR 722

A breathtaking group!

Camera: Shot on a Sony CX520 in FullHD and uploaded in 1080p

Location: Monaco

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Christian Williams drives the new Mini Cooper S 3 Door Hatch and tells you the number of options you can go for! The list is LONG!
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We go for a drive in the 2019 Alfa Romeo Stelvio Quadrifoglio

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The Nissan Qashqai SUV has been a massive success story. It’s had an incredible share of awards, buyers and plaudits – but is this latest model still a great family SUV? It’s just had a facelift to try to fight off competition from the Seat Ateca and Skoda Karoq – but what’s it like?

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The Daihatsu Hijet is a cabover microvan and pickup truck produced and sold by the Japanese automaker Daihatsu since 1960. The Piaggio Porter is a licensed version manufactured in Pontedera, Italy since 1992 (also known as the “Innocenti Porter” in passenger version), available also with diesel, LPG, CNG or electric motors.

Diesel: 652 cc, 1 cylinder, 14.75 HP power, 40 Nm torque, 5-speed manual transmission, 775 kg kerb weight, 62 kmph top speed, 26 kmpl, 15 litre fuel tank

4 Colors: White, Blue, Red, Yellow

Price: Rs. 3.71 lakh (Ex-showroom, New Delhi)
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Shannons Club TV hosted by Mark Oastler & Joe Kenwright talk about Australia’s rich motoring history on the road and in competition. Episode 11 features the Austin 1800 .

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Introducing the all-new Porsche 911! Rolling in with a six-cylinder, twin-turbo 3.0-litre that can hit 450hp, this new 911 992 is set to be THE sports car to beat in 2019! The question is, does the new 911 maintain the heritage and reputation built by its predecessors? Stick with Mat to see what you think, and then let us know in the comments below!

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Hey everyone! In this video I’ll be checking out the all new 2019 Chrysler 300 V6. Lets see all the features and controls of this American Luxury Sedan and why its a great pick to buy this year!

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Skoda Kodiaq vRS review:

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The Skoda Kodiaq vRS is something of a niche proposition, offering buyers the practicality of a seven-seat SUV with the performance of a ‘warm’ hatchback. As a result, direct rivals are few and between, but prospective buyers may also want to consider the Cupra Ateca, Land Rover Discovery Sport and, ironically, the Sportline version of the standard Kodiaq. Ginny puts the Kodiaq vRS through its paces to see if the performance matches up to the styling, and whether the car retains all that makes the standard vRS such a good family car.

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Cupra Ateca review:
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We go for a drive in the 2019 Lincoln Nautilus

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Our reviews give you two perspectives. Jakub takes the perspective of the car enthusiast, while Yuri represents the interests of the general consumer. You won’t find details about engine compression ratios here, instead you’ll have real world opinions on what it’s like to drive and own cars.

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Specification Comparison of
2019 Yamaha MT 15 ABS VS 2019 Honda CB150R Streetster


We review the 2003 Daihatsu Charade to find out if you can drift with a FWD, 58bhp box from Japan. A disposable little tin like this can be hilarious fun, we hope you got a feel for what it was like to chuck around!

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Tesla Model 3 Review after 1 year & 26,000 miles! Still the best car or was it a mistake?
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Almost a year ago I took delivery of my Tesla Model 3 and since then I’ve driven it over 26,000 miles. Is it still the best car I’ve ever driven or was it a $50,000 mistake? Let’s find out.

In my original Tesla Model 3 review I mainly went over the features of the car but in this video I’m going to go over my experience of owning a #TeslaModel3 and focus on the 3 most important factors:


When I first got my Model 3 I was skeptical on how reliable it would be since it was a first generation of its kind, and there were a few horror stories online from early adopters who were experiencing software & hardware issues.

I can honestly say my Model 3 has been 100% reliable for me so far, and yes even though that should be expected for a brand new car, it’s still a nice surprise how reliable it has been since Tesla is still relatively so young & since Model 3 is a very unique car. Range anxiety does exist, but the Model 3’s energy graph is extremely accurate in predicting the estimated range left when driving so as long as you pay attention to that and plan ahead you’ll be fine and shouldn’t ever have to worry about running out of battery.

For how heavily it’s integrated with software I’m actually surprised my Model 3 has worked this well, and I’ve been extremely satisfied with it over my first 26,000 miles.


Out of all those things during the first 25,000 miles in a Model 3 you only need to do tire rotations and I know this isn’t the norm but luckily for me there’s a local tire shop that gives free tire rotations to Tesla owners, just one of the many perks of going all-electric I guess.

The only thing that has cost me money to drive my Model 3 this far is electricity from either at home or a Tesla Supercharger. My city is one of the best locations to put the Model 3 range efficiency to the test and with an average of 248 Wh/mile through all the seasons means the LR Model 3 is one of, if not the most efficient electric car out right now.

It took 6,457 kWh to drive just over 26,000 miles, and since the Model 3 gets about 80% efficiency it actually took about 8,071 kWh and at my current electricity rate of 6.8 cents per kWh that comes to $549 that I’ve spent on electricity to drive my Model 3 over 26,000 miles. I’ve also charged for free at hotels, parking garages, and family members houses so my total cost to drive over 26,000 miles in my Model 3 is less than $600. My monthly electricity costs have only increased by an average of $36. To put it in perspective, a car that gets 30 mpg at $2.75/gallon would cost $2,383 to drive 26,000 miles and if you add a $50 oil change every 4,000 miles that would be an additional $325. This shows how much a person can save in fuel & oil by going all-electric, especially a Model 3.


It’s no surprise that the Tesla Model 3 is a joy to drive but I’ll quickly go over a few things that I don’t like because nothing is perfect. The windshield and windows fog up more than any other car I’ve ever driven. Fortunately I got some fog reducer that helps. I wish the frunk had a better closing mechanism or was able to close automatically because I hate leaving hand prints on the hood from closing it. I also wish the driver profiles would save the lumbar setting. Luckily that can be fixed with a software update which is one of my favorite things about the Model 3.

Now moving along to the other things that I enjoy most about my Model 3: How a car can be this simple & minimalist yet pack so much power and torque is something I’ll always be impressed with.

Yes there are times when it phantom brakes but if you’re using it as it’s designed you will always have a hand on the wheel ready to take over and I love knowing each time I use it it’s getting better through the neural network.

It charges overnight while I sleep, it stops charging when it reaches whatever limit I have set, and I wake up to an 80% charge every day or 100% charge if I’m about to take a road trip – no more stopping at gas stations. I can tell it to drive somewhere and it gives me real-time step-by-step directions on the beautiful responsive 15” touch screen which is the best screen in any vehicle out right now in my opinion.

Now after a free software update and even after any battery degradation from driving 26,000 miles, my Model 3 now gets 320 rated miles on a full charge.


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Tesla Model 3 Review: The TRUTH After 26,000 Miles

Has Mazda managed to create a winner? After our brief first drive of the all-new Mazda 3 in Los Angeles, the signs are pretty positive.

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Fiat’s employees have partied hard in 2017, celebrating 60 years since the first 500 was born. As 2017 was coming to an end, we thought it would be good to have our own celebration. Just without the champagne… We were driving, obviously.

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